Big questions often require big collaborative research projects.

Projects like ours often revolve around a diverse group of smart, talented, and fun contributors, each playing their role and working together as a team. This summer, scientists and their crews from top-tier institutions around the world are assembled in the tiny community of Marmarth, North Dakota. Working together, they will piece together the story of world-wide extinction and examine the ways that life on earth recovered in the post-apocalyptic landscape.  Meet the research scientists, museum professionals, emerging scientists, land managers, and citizen scientists who are 'making science happen' in the field all season long. 

 Each Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the season we will post content from these team members, allowing you to 'walk in the footsteps' of the folks who are making science happen. Submit your questions for the team and tune in each week for "Question Tuesday" to hear them answered by the scientists and their field staff.  Drop by our Facebook live stream to interact with scientists discussing their research and the progress of this season's work.