Norman Gardiner

Field Paleontology Volunteer, Marmath Research Foundation

Truly dedicated to the pursuit of fossil recoveryand prepartion, Norman Gardiner holds two significant accolades at the Marmarth Research Foundation; He’s been volunteering with the researchers at the sites for more consecutive years than anyone on the team, and he’s the volunteer that each year makes the longest journey to get here.  Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Norm retired from a long career as an English Professor and followed his dream of becoming a citizen scientist in the field of paleontology. Since his retirement, this dream has taken him to Argentina, France, Montana, and all over Australia where he continues to make exciting new discoveries each field season. We are proud to mention that Norm, having dug for fossils around the globe and back refers to our “Valley of the Last Dinosaurs” here in Montana as “one of the best dig sites I’ve ever been on.”