Dr. Tyler Lyson

Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Director, Marmarth Research Foundation

Tyler Lyson grew up in Marmarth, North Dakota and spent most of his childhood in the badlands searching for fossils. While completing his undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College, Tyler created the Marmarth Research Foundation  as a way to get the public actively involved in field paleontology. Tyler’s passion for paleontology took him to Yale University where he completed his Ph.D., before moving onto the Smithsonian Institution for a postdoctoral fellowship. Outside of science, Tyler enjoys competing in extreme obstacle course and relay races and teaching his 7 year old daughter how to dance. This summer he is spearheading this ambitious K/T boundary project  where over 100 years of collective research, ranging from pollen to plants to vertebrates, will be integrated into one dataset and used to answer questions regarding the tempo of both the extinction event and subsequent recovery.  As in previous field seasons, Tyler is looking forward to once again completely owning the dance floor at the Pastime Bar and Steakhouse during the 4th of July street dance. This year he  plans to "cover a lot of ground and get awkwardly low", embarrassing his scientific colleagues who he will no-doubt convince to join him down town.