Gabriella Rossestto

Paleobotany Collections Assistant, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Gabi Rossetto was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After high school, she had an internship at an environmental engineering firm in DTLA where she was in charge of sorting gravel by color according to a Munsen chart (a chart as exciting as it's name implies) for a dust remediation project. While it should have been a mundane task, she enjoyed it and discovered her love of rocks. Gabi attended Colorado College as a geology major where she had the chance to examine rocks all across the American West on dozens of awesome field trips. She completed a thesis project using geochemistry to analyze the paleo precipitation trapped in volcanic glass to study paleoelevation of the Rocky Mountains. As a college student, she participated in the GSA/NPS Mosaics in Science program as a paleobotany intern at Florissant Fossil Beds in CO and fell in love with fossil leaves and wood. Following graduation, Gabi had a year long internship with DMNS working with curators Dr. Ian Miller and Dr. Tyler Lyson to implement their vision of a KT boundary model in the Williston basin using GIS. Gabi was just hired on as the paleobotany collections assistant and will continue to work on the KT project and research as well as help Ian with the curation of the massive fossil plant collection. Gabi has become an aspiring palynologist since working at DMNS and is active in the Denver Basin research group. Besides doing awesome science and being in the field, Gabi enjoys playing with her adorable cat Canela, bowling on a team with her boyfriend, going dancing and to concerts with her friends, and binge watching TV series.