Sam White

Teen Science Scholar, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Sam White, is currently growing up in Westminster with 8 other siblings. He goes to Standley Lake High School and is a Junior. Sam has been interested in Paleontology, especially dinosaurs, since the 4th grade. One of the primary ways he discovered his  love of dinosaurs was playing a video game about digging them up and reviving them to battle each other. His favorite species of dinosaur is the Ankylosaurus. He also hopes to find some fossils from one of these amazing extinct animals during his field work in Marmath. Sam's favorite movie is Jurassic Park and he's read the book five times. Some of his pastimes are studying geography reading history, playing board games and playing video games. 

This summer, Sam is heading to North Dakota and Montana to pursue his interest in scientific research and field paleontology. Far away from his 8 other siblings, Sam is looking forward to taking in some wide-open beautiful badlands scenery and being able to get some nice peace and quiet.