Erica Evans

Technical Field Intern, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Erica hails from the western US, growing up in Logan, Utah. She recently graduated from Colorado College with a degree in geology, an EMT certification and a senior thesis utilizing stable and clumped isotope geochemistry to reconstruct watersheds from the late Cretaceous in southern Utah. This will be her second summer as digital technology intern ("digi-tern") in  North Dakota where she is solely responsible for using the high resolution differential GPS set up and taking the precise data points at 100's of fossil localities, stratigraphic sections and formational contacts that define the K/T boundary extinction event . Erica loves a challenge, and in her free time she is an avid road and mountain biker, rock climber, skier and endurance trail runner. She will be embarking on a 535-mile self supported mountain bike expedition in British Columbia following this summer field season before returning to Colorado in the fall. Apart from finding dinosaur bones and burning in her killer forearm tan, Erica is also excited for $2 Happy Hour and at the Pastime Bar and Steakhouse where she is known to hold the pool table for hours on end.