Ray Mann

Field Coordinator, Marmath Research Foundation

Ray Mann has been working with Marmarth Research Foundation either as volunteer or staff every year since 2007.  He finds it amusing that he spent the first twenty-odd years of his life trying to escape from Montana, and now looks forward to spending weeks digging there every summer.  After high school he got a degree in Computer Science at the University of Montana, and managed to trick Microsoft and Expedia into giving him paychecks for fifteen years before he decided that was enough (the exact quote was “AAAAAUUUGGHHHH!!!!”)   Now he makes custom stained glass windows, works on a Miocene dig in Gray, Tennessee, and is working his way to a second-degree black belt in tae kwondo. He loves spending time with his family, because they’re all as geeky as he is, and he still dresses up for Halloween.  He once built a 22-inch folded Newtonian telescope just to see if he could.  

Ray loves meeting new people and making new friends each field season, and he knows that the best way to get to know someone is by working with them, side-by-side.  " it’s amazing how well you get to know someone", says Ray, " when you’ve spent a week trudging, chipping, hammering, and hauling  together. When it's all done and we are finally toasting to success with a cold beverage- we are no longer colleagues, we are friends for life."