Brisa Garcia Gonzales

Field Science Correspondent, Denver Museum of Nature and Science


Brisa Garcia Gonzales is a student studying general and biological Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.  At a young age, she developed a passion for traveling, not necessarily to seek the meaning of life, but rather the experiences of being alive.  Her previous travels ignited a curiosity to continue learning about culture and new languages.  Growing up in Denver, she has become aware of the inequities of socioeconomics and education.  She aims to continue working with underrepresented youth and expose them to arts, science, technology and engineering to pursue in higher education.  Additionally, make arts and science resources more accessible to the general public.  In her free time, she enjoys dancing cumbia, salsa, and bachata and has even traveled around the Americas to learn new styles of dance.  She is excited to work side by side with paleontologists and eager to participate in this collaborative research project.