Barbara Benty

Laboratory Director, Marmarth Research Foundation

Barb became interested in fossils after she retired from the Placer County Office of Education in Auburn, California in 1996. She volunteered at Fort Peck Montana with Dr. Keith Rigby where she helped prepare the Smithsonian Institution's Tyrannosaurus rex known as Peck's Rex. This volunteer experience introduced her to preparation work using air scribes and microblasters. While she spent most of her time in the lab operating a microblaster she also spent some of her time in the field and also did field work in China working on a large sauropod. In 2003 Barb volunteered at MRF and was so impressed with the research being done she has been coming every year since, staying longer each year. Due to her tireless efforts in the lab she became a MRF staff member in 2007. While Barb rarely spends time in the field, she is queen of the lab, where she works from 7AM-10PM, seven days a week. Barb is also in charge of the daunting task of cataloging MRF's extensive collection of fossils. When field season ends each August she 'disappears' for the autumn months, retreating to an off-grid cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains that has been in her family since 1900.