Liz Miller

Camp Coordinator

Liz Milller is the research team's kick-butt cook. She grew up in Washington state and spent her childhood running down the wild Pacific beaches seeking adventure and agatized snails. After Liz graduated from Washington State with a degree in social sciences with an emphasis in pre-law, she took up the adventure of raising a family.  Soon after, Liz started her own outfitting business using llamas as pack animals and employing the eager boys she was raising as her junior wranglers. Liz is an adventure seeker. Managing to keep her 5 sons from going completely feral for 22 years in Washington, she then moved the Miller family to the next adventure from Washington, to Hawaii, and then to Colorado, collecting stories and rocks all along the way. Colorado proved to be a great fit for Liz  who quickly settled into a career as a Ski Pro and began spending her summers with her eldest son, Dr. Ian Miller, who had inherited the rock-hounding gene and pursued paleontology as a life-long career.  In 2010, Liz worked 'in the trenches' at the incredible "snow-mastadon" site in Colorado where she collected fossils and fed 90 other hungry volunteer and staff working in this enormous dig site. She has continued to volunteer with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in the years since, a path that has led her to pull up all the stakes and live in Marmarth, North Dakota this field season cooking for Dr. Tyler Lyson’s very hungry and demanding crew. With her trusty camp dog, Little Annie Oakley, at her side, she continues to search up hills and down valleys across the American west in pursuit of the next big discovery. For Liz Miller, each day is a new adventure, and she plans to keep exploring mountains and basins and wild places; making discoveries about the earth and herself all along the way.