Jeremy Wyman

Paleobiology Field Intern, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Jeremy will be a senior at Campbell High School just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. After high school, he hopes to go to college to study paleontology and do research in geosciences. He has participated in fieldwork with members of the Denver Paleo team, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, and Lance Grande from the Field Museum of Chicago. When he's not in the classroom or in the field, Jeremy can be found volunteering at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in his hometown. Jeremy has always had a passion for paleontology and evolutionary biology and he's on his way to achieving a career in this field.  His enthusiasm is contagious and Jeremy has a knack for communicating science which he puts to use through museum outreach and social media . Outside of his passion for science, Jeremy loves to spend time with his friends, play tennis, and take long hikes in the woods. Jeremy says "every fossil has a story" and this summer he will have the chance to work with Tangled Bank Studios at the Howard Hughes Medical Institutet to produce online content about the extinction and recovery research project in Marmath, ND. In addition to finding killer fossils and helping contribute to this large-scale, science collaboration Jeremy is also ready to leave the city behind for a few months and soak up the profound silence that one can only find in the great American West.