Harrison Dietz

2016 Teen Science Scholar, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Harris Dietz grew up in Louisville, Colorado with a passion for science and sports.  For most of his life he’s been on a swim, basketball, and tennis team.  He continues to this day to lead an active lifestyle enjoying hiking and biking in Colorado’s wealth of nature.  In 2014-2015 Harris got the opportunity to participate in an Advance Chemical Research Program offered through his school.  The program helped him realize his love for science and desire to persue a future career in science.  In the summer of 2016 Harris will be partaking in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Teen Science Scholars Earth Science Program. Harris looks forward to the awesome field work and science in the program, as well as the chance to discover a fossil!  Harris is also excited for the science lectures and the star’s visibility that comes with Marmarth’s remote location.