Share Your Passion

Share your passion for knowledge and science! This is what I do. As an educator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science a large part of what I do is share my enthusiasm for science with others through programs, exhibits, and trainings. What better way to be a catalyst and inspire others to be curious about the natural world than to go do it myself? 12 years ago I finished my degree in geology and since then I have not spent much time out in the field. This year we are filming a new video for the Prehistoric Journey exhibit at DMNS and when the opportunity arose to head to the KT for a few days to help film I definitely didn’t say no.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am not shy about my passion for dinosaurs. Heck, I have some permanently tattooed on me! I never would have said that I was in need of a recharge but after two days getting my hands dirty in the late Cretaceous of Montana my fire has be reignited.

Museums are about authenticity. We have the real stuff. The real dinosaur bones, the real moon rocks, the real mummies. We also have the real people. Great scientists like Dr. Tyler Lyson who spend their summers investigating what exactly happened before and after the KT extinction so he can share that story with the rest of the world. Educators like me who take Tyler’s science and work our magic to turn it into cool interactive experiences and programs for guests at the Museum. So why send an educator out into the field to dig up dinosaurs too? Because now my experience is that much more authentic. Sure, I can read about the KT and look at the dinosaur bones and listen to scientists. But now that my hands have touched the bones of the last dinosaurs before that huge asteroid impact my enthusiasm and excitement is that much more authentic and contagious. Now when I write training manuals for volunteers or lead volunteer trainings for the over 100 amazing volunteers in Prehistoric Journey my passion for knowledge and science will be shared with unbridled spirit.

What are you passionate about? Be curious about it, go explore it and share it. Excitement is contagious.