Dr. Stephen Chester

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Stephen Chester spent every summer of his childhood in his rowboat catching and releasing turtles and frogs on a lake in the mountains of northern New Jersey.  He was always fascinated with animals and the environments in which they lived.  Stephen began his undergraduate career at the University of Florida studying zoology and eventually decided to pursue biological anthropology.  His undergraduate research experiences at the Florida Museum of Natural History convinced him that he wanted to become a vertebrate paleontologist.  Stephen continued studying mammalian evolution at Yale University, where he completed his dissertation on early primate evolution in 2013.  Now as a professor at Brooklyn College, CUNY, Stephen is studying how the evolutionary history of primates and other mammals was impacted by major events in Earth’s history.  His students accompany him each summer to collect fossils for natural history museums.  Outside paleontology, Stephen enjoys playing and listening to jazz, observing wildlife in the northeast, and enjoying everything the best city in the world has to offer!